Terror Alert: Deadly Extremists Sponsored By The Nigerian Government Can Summon Up Quick Emergency Of Biafran Government At A Blink.

A human rights organisation, International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) has warned that at least 15 terror groups are targeting Nigeria and currently in the country with the aim of also disrupting the forthcoming general elections.

The organisation which was reacting to the Western terror alert warning in the Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, stated that the riotous situation going on in the country by Islamic jihadists with subtle support of the government was clearing road for emergence of Biafra Republic and others.

Intersociety stated this in a release made to Reporters titled: “Terror Threats And 2023: Government Of Nigeria Is Making Peaceful Change Impossible And Violent Change Inevitable And Riotously Clearing Road For Emergence Of Biafra Republic And Others.”
The organisation warned that if jihadist succeeded in capturing Abuja, Nigerians would be left with three choices of the “Valvet Revolution, the Berlin Wall or the Yugoslav Fragmentation”.

The statement was signed by principal officers of the organisation; Emeka Umeagbalasi Chidinma Udegbunam Chinwe Umeche and Obianuju Joy Igboeli.

The statement reads: “It is our further observation that the rising jihadist terror threats ahead of Nigeria’s crucial Presidential Poll and others are not accidental as the present Nigerian Government had since its inception in 2015 behaved through its policies and actions as if its cardinal governance mission is to promote State Jihadism.

“The indices on the ground have also practically shown that apart from increase in the number of Islamic Jihadist groups and regionalization and internationalization of same using Nigerian landscapes or spaces, the Islamic Jihadists also made far much inroad or encroachment into Nigeria’s state power, territories and regions than in the previous years before mid 2015.

“There are no fewer than 15 Islamic jihadist groups presently operating or assembling in the country. There are also scores of embryonic others littered across the country. As at May 2015, Nigeria had only three well known Islamic Jihadist groups: Boko Haram, Ansaru and ISWAP. Locally and regionally assembled Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen became full blown and widespread Islamic Jihadist terror group after their state actor radicalization and romance with the present Government of Nigeria which started in late 2015.

“By 2016, they started moving southward and middle belt ward in widespread under Government security establishments’ watch and protection, using the existing centuries’ old cattle grazing routes. As if the above was not enough, the Nigerian Government and its security establishments dangerously embarked on sundry jihadist animal husbandry plans camouflaged in different names including “Military Ranching”, “RUGA”, “National Livestock Transformation Plan”, “Waterway Control Plan”, etc.

“The pluralistic and secularism doctrine of the country’s security forces was also dealt a heavy blow under the present Government of Nigeria which also introduced ethnic and religious domination in their command and rank and file structures leading to rabid operational crudity and partisanship or segregated and discriminatory policing and soldiering.”

Intersociety noted that the President Buhari led-Nigerian government could not extricate itself from being remotely responsible for violent and conquest occupation of no fewer than 400 locations in the Southeast alone by Islamic Terror Fulani Herdsmen and their foreign recruits armed with AK-47s.

The group decried that the number of defenceless citizens and civilian properties wantonly destroyed in Old Eastern Nigeria by Nigerian security forces since August 2015 has never been recorded since the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War of 1967-70.