Nigerian TikToker Who Lost Her 900k+ TikTok Account Out Of Careless Comment Appreciates Nigerians Effort On Building Her Popularity Again.

Curvaceous lady, Bhadie Kelly has become popular after a video of her twerking went viral on social media.

@bhadie.kellyy, a female Tiktoker makes short dance videos and her dance moves have made her an internet sensation, and many men on social media are drooling over her and other TikTokers mimicking her style.

After her videos went viral, she has become the talk of the town on social media with several guys sharing her videos and making flirty comments on the thread.

The trend became even more massive when other ladies made videos on Tiktok expressing their displeasure with how Kelly Bhadie is being hyped saying “she’s overhyped” because there are many other ladies that can dance better than her, but they aren’t recognized. Many guys also expressed in reply that the ladies are Jealous of @bhadie.kellyy that’s why they are hating on her.

Her TikTok Account was later blocked by TikTok managements after a huge jealous reports by most Nigerian Girls.